keeping families
and DOGS together



Helping families in need and their dog companions stay together, healthy and loved.

Love Dogs for Life, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people get healthy food and vet care for their dogs, with little to no cost to them, so that families and their dogs stay together for life. In these economic times, it isn't always easy to afford to properly care for one's dog. And so many more of these lovely creatures need to be rescued. Veterinary care can be difficult to obtain when a family's finances are already stretched to the max. Our goal is to ensure that people never have to give up their companion creature(s) because of financial strife. And that way, maybe, more rescues can be accomplished, too!



Our main goal is to never have to turn away a family in need of dog food or veterinary care.  All dogs, and all animals, deserve a loving and healthy life.  But this goal is impossible to reach when funds are scarce. 


Keeping dogs and their families together and healthy.


Providing funds for emergency services to cost-sensitive owners.


Rehoming pets who have been displaced, abandoned or are no longer able to be taken care of.


Maintaining a healthy ecosystem of care with our local partners.


we help your beloved friends stay healthy, 

giving you peace of mind



Love dogs was started by Cheryl and Damiano Ruggiero to be a resource for pets and their owners to stay together and healthy. Over the years, we have helped care for and home many pets in our area. Cheryl has a background in law and a practice that has worked to preserve the well-being of companion animals, wildlife, and so-called utility animals alike.

We've taken in and cared for many special pets including Love Dog Luigi, featured in our logo. We would love to see your love dogs and other creature companions too! So please check out our Facebook page to share and keep in touch.   

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